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The New Street Photographer's Manifesto
February 7, 2013/by techgnotic

Street photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson called it the “decisive moment”— the captured instant when all the photograph’s elements come together to tell a story in a way a text narrative of thousands of words could never begin to. It is what hooks people, both practitioners and advocate-devotees, on the art form. It is uniquely completely immersive in life— step out into the streets— in which the moment of artistic epiphany can never be guessed at until it suddenly happens. When it is properly mastered, it is as pure as the dawn of each new day, as true as the living organism of a teeming street scene catching a breath as one.
It's no easy task to pull a book together for publication and "The New Street Ph
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:.:.: by Thoum :.:.: :iconthoum:Thoum 684 131 This night moment by Mecenetic This night moment :iconmecenetic:Mecenetic 79 13 Two Halves by Selene-Emotion Two Halves :iconselene-emotion:Selene-Emotion 798 65 balance by CaveCanem42 balance :iconcavecanem42:CaveCanem42 209 46 Flat 420 by zerocomplex Flat 420 :iconzerocomplex:zerocomplex 1,042 248 1919 by Mr-Little-Sun 1919 :iconmr-little-sun:Mr-Little-Sun 16 4
Street Magician: The Photography of Chris Weeks

The Street Photography of Chris Weeks
by techgnotic
It was only after many long frustrating hours of trying to describe what’s so special about the photographs of cweeks...
That I finally realized I was trying to describe something that wasn’t there.
I finally realized that the magical something that sets cweeks’ works apart from others is that his camera disappears. There is no sense as you look at his photos of street scenes and other captures that you are looking through a lens, even the lens of a particularly talented photographer.  There is a sense of simply walking through a town and seeing what you happen to see – without th
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 946 322
A Valentine Birthday Wish from +Spyed
All of my birthdays have always been about stuff. Stuff I don't want, stuff I definitely don't need. This year for my birthday on Valentines Day I want to focus the love I have from my friends and family to build a WELL in a developing country. They cost $5000. And for the next 20 years this well will provide fresh drinking water to a village.

In Angelo's words...
All of my birthdays have always been about stuff. Stuff I don't want, stuff I definitely don't need.
I'm surrounded by very giving people, and I'm always honored by how gracious my friends are, but when a guy gets to a
certain age, you kinda just buy the video games and books and music right when you want them, you know?
This year, I decided to do something a little different for my birthday. I was introduced recently to a charity
called charity: water, and I love this organization. The people behind
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2011 As Seen Through Art
2011 was full of emotional events the world around, and our community responded at unprecedented levels. From natural disasters to historical celebrations, entertainment milestones to tearful goodbyes, our community spoke out like no other community can — artistically, creatively, and emotionally. In many ways, last year marked the final chapter of a few eras, opening the door to new beginnings for 2012. Let's take a look...
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universe. by Blissleep universe. :iconblissleep:Blissleep 5 1 Dont drink and drive by vivialacuba Dont drink and drive :iconvivialacuba:vivialacuba 3 0 Glance by TataVarisara Glance :icontatavarisara:TataVarisara 16 10



vinceat852's Profile Picture
Vincent Wong
Artist | Photography
Hong Kong
I'll try to fit as much as I can here, but being 3-dimensional about myself in this limited space would be quite hard. So, I will only talk about my work:

Philosophically, I normally have two main purposes in making art: One, to show people what I see by creating pathos; or Two, to convey a message or a raise a question. Titles and descriptions are usually pretty important in each, as they give a context and narrow the ways in which the piece can be interpreted. In short, I make art so that people can peer at that slice of the world through my view, my worldview.

Because the driving force of my art is as such, I do not subscribe to the idea that art pieces are divorced from their artists, as it is the artist who made it with a purpose. However, I do see how an art piece can be the starting point for discussion because of a possible interpretation. As a viewer, I hope you take this into consideration by respecting the initial purpose of a particular piece of work. On a whole though, should it inspire you or cause reflection in any way; however contrary to my original idea, it still makes me glad.

For me, photography is taking something that is very real, and showing parts of it. Reality is multi-layered and seen through personal filters. Thus, I like likening photography to looking at facets or a particular facet of a diamond-- each unique, each just as real. I like to show people what I notice in that objective reality, what is my way of viewing life. Art is the way I dialogue with and try to let people connect with me. It is also my way of making different facets of reality interact with each other.

In terms of a medium, the popular perception of photography is that shows reality. Hence, we have the phrase “photos or it didn’t happen”. The power in a photo is that while I can sculpt it to show my view of reality, it is still instinctively recognized as reality and not just “what the artist sees” or imagines. There is a deeply rooted conviction that photos are real/show reality literally. Thus, I can communicate my worldview as I experience it – as Reality.

Because of this perception of photography, I do use post processing – but I never Photoshop elements in or out of my photos or airbrush images. For me, that detracts from my body of work in general. Yes, compositionally, it would be much better, but it would be one degree removed from reality and would break the trust with my viewers and dampen the power of my other pieces.
In terms of my major technique or thought-process, I would liken myself to a landscape designer. That is to say, I tend to have a deconstructionist-reconstructionist streak in my work. I take thematic elements in a photo and spatially juxtapose them in such a way to convey an idea. Sometimes it is ambiguous and embrace that – life is ambiguous and I like exploring where the two valid realities clash. I sometimes raise questions, rather than state ideas.

So there I am (in relation to photography). I'm currently trying to improve and develop my own style, to show and not just visually blurt out what I've to say. So, it'd be much appreciated if you'd stop and drop me a comment on what's off and what'd I hit right on the head (or thereabouts).
I do write poems occasionally, sometimes to go with a piece or independently. My approach to literature is also very much the same as to photography.


Vincent Wong
(pyroenthusiast, theologian-to-be, photographer, sabreur, friend, brother, son, student, hobbyist and person)
[last edit: 7 Jan 2013]

Profile Photo creds: Benedict Au


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Thank you, that's really nice of you. =]
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dude, u have an amazing skill with a camera, ur pictures taken looks all so beautiful and awesome, keep up the good work :heart:
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